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Why I hate Indian Government Officials – Operation Anti-Corruption

Guys, this is an offtopic for this site but thought would be interesting for our visitors ! It is all about to what extentthe Indian government got corrupted with a real example – Getting a no objection certificate in India

– Went to RTA to apply for NOC. I was one of the members of the looser queue (Those who did not want to pay bribe) while the so called officer, a retard is busy serving brokers requests. After a long wait, he told me in a very irritating tone that I need to get documents from police first (what documents?Where? which station? How? Why?)

– Went to Police Station to request for NOC and the procedure and the guy there asked me to wait as he needs to discuss his family and personal problems with another looser police. After one hour, fortunately he asked me what I wanted but unfortunately, he did not understand what I wanted and do not know the procedure. Another guy beside him stated that I need to get the clearance from Police counter first

– Went to Traffic Police Counter to collect Bike Clearance certificate. There were two guys who were desperately waiting for people to grab some money! They explained me clearly that no one would work at this hour but they are very sincere and woud work if 200 is Paid! Heights of sincerety

– Thanks to some blog, got to know that, I need to pay certain amount to esave for obtaining NOC and the request would be forwarded to police station. So, I did and went to police station

– As soon as I told my name, the worthless police complained that I dint pay the money at eseva and the lady at eseva gave a complaint. What the hell? They asked me to go and pay again. They held all the documents with them. I had no other go but to go to eseva again.

– The lady surprisingly said sorry and told me that she would explain it to police but yeah, money was collected. Rofol

– I went back to the police station and they said that the documents have many mistakes and they are not going to say what the mistakes are! They asked me to correct them and come back later! Cow Shit!

Now, I had no other way except appraoching the broker who completed the task in one day by taking a whooping 2000 bucks

I regret that I am born in such a country where one has to pay bribe to get any task done! Why not start a site where one can post the name, department, location and other details of the government officials who frustrated you and asked you for bribe. Well, I know that the government is not going to pay a damn, at least those officials who  have some self respect might change

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